Grab your mask and come support artists at a socially responsible, downtown-wide Alley Art Festival on August 29.

Artists will be set up from noon to 5 p.m. at the following venues:
Gallery 1904 at 1 E. Benton St. (indoors/outdoors - socially distanced)
The Cotton Seed Creative Exchange (indoors/outdoors - socially distanced)
SciTech Hands On Museum (outdoors)
Society 57 (indoors/open to the outside - socially distanced)
Warehouse 55 (outdoors)
Wyckwood House (indoors - socially distanced)
Yetee Station

All Phase 4 guidelines will be followed for a socially responsible event. Masks are required both indoors and outdoors while at artist booths.

2020 Participating ARTISTS/Venue locations:

Catherine Cyko/(BeautifulBagsEtc)/Society 57

Diana Vera/Society 57

Frank & Jenni Mayer/Junkin' Creations/1 E. Benton

Marisol Delvalle Dzhelasi/Society 57

Tori Eisenberg Nature's HandyWork/1 E. Benton

Bryant Bell/Lone Sage Art/1 E. Benton

Shannon Maraffa/Crystal Ship Jewelry/1 E. Benton

The Yetee/Yetee Station

Eve Tamez/Wyckwood House

Kittens Of Industry/1 E. Benton

Monochromatic Me/Society 57

Jessica Fincher/Fincher Studios/Cotton Seed

Dan Cordes/SciTech

Kathie Collinson/Collinson Fine Art /1 E. Benton

Tammy longson/Scissor sisters studio/Cotton Seed

Laura Lynne Kubicek/Laura Lynne Art/1 E. Benton

Rabecca Collin/Rosaries by RC/Society 57

Meghan Schmid/Pricked Finger Felt/1 E. Benton

Lydia Crist/Lydia's Lovelies/Warehouse 55

Susi Daniel/SciTech

Judi Kickel/SciTech

Amanda Snyder/Society 57

Catalina Diaz/1 E. Benton

Tyler Waldrop/stlth art/Warehouse 55

Alicia Nabors/HandsomeJimmy Accessories/Society 57

Grue Gallery/1 E. Benton

Jessi Cox/Cotton Seed

Gin Ingram/Warehouse 55


In keeping this a socially-responsible event, we will not have any vendors this year. Some nonprofits will join us outdoors to share community service information. 

Shop local art. Listen to local music. Enjoy local food.

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