Artist Applications

Applications for August 28, 2021 are open from March 15 to June 15.

Applications are open March 15.

We are looking for local artists and thing makers. If you live or work in the Aurora region and create original work, then apply within. Volunteers are also welcome to email us and jump on board.


The festival is open to local artists only. Fill out THIS FORM between March 15 and June 15. All artists will receive notes back by July 15. 


**No artists will be accepted past June 15. No exceptions.**

Include the following information plus 3 to 5 jpeg images of your art (no zip files or links):

One sentence bio:
Words about/description of art:

Don't forget to include great photo files of your art!

*Everything at Alley Art Festival should be handmade. No vintage or resale items. All artists are responsible for their area. No offensive art allowed. You can bring a table, tent (weights are required) or whatever, and setup remains first come, first served. Plan on a 10 x 10 area. If you want to sell your art, then we ask that you come with it priced. The booth fee is equal to 10% of total sales at the festival. You MUST check IN and OUT at the info booth and stay for the entirety of the festival.*

See more info here

Shop local art. Listen to local music. Enjoy local food.